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This technique involves the clearance of the teeth by the chemical action of an applied gel to its surface. This chemical (hydrogen peroxide or carbamide) is able to penetrate the tooth`s enamel surface to exert its oxidizing action on the stained particles that alter the original color of the tooth

There are no adverse effects for teeth or health by the application of these whitening gels. The only disadvantage that can arise is tender gums during the first days.

The treatment`s accuracy is proportional to the degree of the teeth`s staining, which have been darkened over the years by different substances that dye the teeth, such as tobacco, tea, coffee, wine and mate. In this case a professional must determine that the patient is fit to undergo a teeth whitening.

The whitening effect can be maintained, however it depends on the patient`s feeding manners after treatment. It is also advisable to make a maintenance treatment once a year, in order to extend the affect achieved, in time.