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Endodontics is known generically as a root canal. It is base on the removal of the neurovascular (dental pulp) located inside the tooth and causes toothache. Through instrumentation of root canals, the tooth is cleaned from the inside healing the infection and leaving it suitable for further restoration.

Most root canals are performed because of extensive caries, that reach the pulp and causes severe pain. Sometimes it is performed in teeth where the pulp tissue has been lost by an infection (necrosis) but it does not hurt.

Root canal treatment is done under local anesthesia. The patient feels no pain during treatment. In case of acute pain, this treatment relieves the painful sensation immediately, leaving only a slight nagging feeling that it will cease in a few days.

Endodontic tooth suffers a weakening in the medium or long term can induce a tooth fracture. After this treatment there is great loss of tooth structure which has been removed to clean the tooth caries. Therefore, it is advisable to place a porcelain crown to strengthen these teeth and maintain long-term integrity.