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Dental Implants

Dental implants replace missing teeth without damaging the adjacent teeth and in an aesthetic, functional and effective way. An implant is an artificial root that is anchored in the bone to provide a stable base on which to place a firm and solid tooth. There are certain requirements that the professional must analyze before ordering an implant treatment, as well as previous radiological studies.

The health status of the remaining teeth must be optimal, that is, free of infections such as tooth decay or gum problems. Therefore, before starting treatment implant the whole mouth must be conditioned.

Treatment consists of: Surgical Phase, Prosthetic Phase and Maintenance Phase:

1. Surgical phase: This involves the placement of the implant in the bone. The surgical procedure is simple. A slight incision is to be done in the gum to access the bone, in which an alveolus is performed and the implant is inserted. Finally, the gum is sutured again.

2. Prosthetic phase: After placement of the implant, it requires a healing period of 3 months. After this period, the prosthetic phase begins which consists in discovering the implant and making a work model. Then, the laboratory will create a prosthesis based on it, which will be tested at least 2 times before their final placement, to ensure a perfect fit and adaptation to the shape, size and color of other teeth.

3. Maintenance Phase: As well as the teeth, implants require daily care. This care will be essential to ensure a good prosthesis long term behavior.